CAREER COUNSELING for Working Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Career Counseling deals with work and career related issues. Our research states that, a dynamic & competitive business environment in every industry, coupled with a volatile economy has forced individuals to excel at work, and fight for survival. Individuals who are satisfied with their careers have a smooth sail. However, individuals who are not sure whether they are in the right careers are faced with several issues:

  • Dissatisfaction within one’s career
  • Difficulty in selecting the right promotion option
  • Difficulty in selecting the right career option
  • Not compensated well enough
  • Not enough growth opportunities
  • Find the job mundane
  • Boredom at work
  • Lesser avenues for intellectual growth
  • Not gaining a positive appraisal despite all efforts
  • Being on the bench
  • Lack of certain skills
  • Unable to perform under pressure
  • Conflicts with team members
  • Unable to win the confidence of subordinates

Career Counseling fights career issues by holistically catering to the individual's career interest, needs, aspirations and personal life priorities. Career Counseling services will help individuals:

Through Career Counseling at V SOLVE, thousands of working professionals have overcome career obstacles, discovered new things about themselves and gained a competitive advantage - which is a key to a successful career.