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What our clients say about us:

"I make it a point to talk to my mentor-friend at V SOLVE once in a while, as it always gives me a different perspective to the challenges of this fast paced lifestyle. Every time I talk to my mentor it helps me overcome stress, and I go back more confident and better equipped to manage difficult situations."

— Anurag Khungar, Sr. Consultant with a Leading IT Company


"Career Assessment at V SOLVE helped identify which specialization for MD would suit me the most. Through the Career Information Report, I got complete details of all the institutes that offer the courses, admission process and deadlines, and the qualification requirements to get admission. This was of great help! and I also feel Im truly blessed by God as I got ''V SOLVE Support'' at the most turning point of my Life..thanks a lot for this Friendly Support; My Best Wishes are forever with V SOLVE; "

— Renukar Pawar, Pursuing MD - BAMS


"At a very young age, I felt stagnated in my career. Getting a good appraisal, as per my expectations, had become a great challenge. I had approached my boss several times on this topic, but was not able to gain much insight into my performance from him. I took the Career as well as Psychometric Assessments from V SOLVE and was able to find a solution to my problem. Career Planning is the area that needed attention. With the help of the Career Coach at V SOLVE, I was able to build a practical plan which was in alignment with my career aspirations, and my other life priorities."

— Parimal Repale, Sr. Software Engineer, Saba Software


"Being in sales has been my passion and I have been in the field for several years. Despite that, I was feeling stagnated in my career for the past couple of years. At V SOLVE I got to know about different careers within the sales field itself that I was never aware of and could bring me a change in profile. Being in these profiles I was still able to remain in the domain that I loved."

— Ekta Khungar, Regional Head, Surewaves


"I had very hard time in initial phase of my career because of recession crises of 2008-09. After I took the Career Assessments at V SOLVE, I was able to choose the right job based on job satisfaction, compensation needs and growth opportunities."

— Suhas Shendge, Technical Associate, Tech Mahindra


"Career Coaching with V SOLVE gave me the competitive edge. I was able to identify a niche for myself in a highly competitive industry. I have been able to design a whole new brand of clothing for Indian ethnic wear."

— Julie Joy, Fashion Designer with a Leading Brand of Fashion Designers


"Career Coaching with V SOLVE is the best choice I have ever made for myself. I am really satisfied now, because now I am in the right job of my choice, and am confident about my career growth."

— Kunal Vora, Marketing Engineer, Forbes Marshall


"Career Services at V SOLVE are excellent. They use authentic tools for career management. My interaction with them has been very fruitful. The staff is professional, qualified and customer centric."

— Mr. A Joshi, Divisional Manager, Forbes Marshall


"I took V SOLVE’s Career Assessments a year ago. They pin point the dark spots accurately and make you aware of what changes have to be made to have a more fulfilling career. The steps that I took after the Career Assessments made a world of a difference in my approach and outlook. There has been no stopping to my career advancement since then."

— Vikram Ghanekar, Sales & Marketing, Messung Systems Pvt Ltd.


"The Career Information Report gave me great amount of details into IT and allied fields, and the roles that I could take up in these fields. I always wanted to be on the high growth trajectory, and V SOLVE gave me the right options to achieve my goals."

— Asheesh Soni, IT Professional with leading IT Company


"As the Vice-President of Bharat Re Insurance Brokers, I am in-charge of managing the performance of all the Senior Managers of the company. It was a great challenge to elicit work from your subordinates especially when they were your erstwhile colleagues. Through Executive Coaching at V SOLVE, I learnt the art of Natural Leadership, and was able to win back the confidence of most of my subordinates. This boosted my confidence to a whole new level."

— Harshwardhan Dixit, Vice-President, Bharat Re Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.


The Executive Coach at V SOLVE was an all in one mentor to me. With the time I invested with V SOLVE, gave fantastic results on the personal & career front. Trustworthy professionals who have the ability to make you aware of your blind spots with ease.

— Ashish Gaidhankar, Former IT Head in Pune based company