Career profiler

“Is your Career Profile the right reflection of what your career demands?”

This is question that the Career Profiler will answer for you! The Career Profiler is a mirror, and reflects the right picture of your current career situation. It then compares your profile with the ideal profile that the market demands. It marks the stark & minute contrasts. These are the parameters which prevent you from embracing growth based opportunities and are inhibiting your growth.

Several Career Assessments will measure important parameters, that form the very DNA of your career:

  • Work activities
  • Knowledge, skills & abilities
  • Career opportunities
  • Related occupations
  • Compensation trends
  • Career roles / designations

Career Assessments administered by V SOLVE are offered by several companies worldwide, and in India to hire, train, appraise and promote their employees; as it gives the right picture of how closely an individual can handle a particular role.

What you will get:

  • A PDF copy of your personalized Career Report
  • A brief discussion on the report with a career expert

Expected outcome:

  • Complete understanding of Career Options available
  • Best career fit for the working professional
  • Validation of your erstwhile career decisions
  • Knowledge about changes required for a better career

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