Career Compass

“V SOLVE’s Career Compass sets the direction, defines the path and leads you to your career destination.”

The Career Compass helps you strategically plan your career. It sets benchmarks to measure success at each stage and guides you through the transformation process (both personal & professional). Through one-on-one sessions with the career coach & mentor you would acquire the necessary skills to overcome your career challenges and resolve the issues that prevent you from achieving your peak productivity.

What you will get:

  • Several invigorating sessions with an accredited and experienced Career Mentor.
  • A Career Plan (PDF copy) with tangible goals and the roadmap to achievement.
  • Development of management (technical & non-technical) skills to achieve higher performance and better output.
  • A report (PDF copy) on the mentoring program you completed.

Expected outcome:

  • A set Career Plan
  • Developed necessary skills to better manage the career
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Control over one’s career
  • Career decisions based on sound world renowned career tools
  • Ability to take future career decisions

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