The lost importance of the grass root levels employees!

The grass root levels are the people in the lowest echelon in the company. They do not specifically hold any office, nor would they be the decision makers, and yet they form the very foundation of the company. It is the ability of the leaders to inspire these individuals so that they perform with continued innovative intensity, and attention to detail.

These individuals have an attitude of freedom, unrestrained enthusiasm and are risk takers – in that they would be willing to take up any work without the fear of consequences. They are willing to work towards a common purpose, with all the vigor and loyalty towards achieving a common goal.

If tapped correctly, they can be counted on to carry any burden of new initiatives, challenging projects or raising the bar of quality and sustainability for the company. They are willing to walk the extra mile. They will make phone calls, give personal visits, solve customer queries & issues, write letters, prepare envelopes, knock on doors, collect cheques, wait on clients, ensure cleanliness, organize events, send e-mails, attend seminars, put up sign boards, volunteer for help in other departments, and in countless other ways willing to make great personal sacrifice for all that they believe in.

The company has to have a strategy to share and instill the company’s vision and mission throughout the organization. By this simple act alone, ideas of the management can evolve into products that consumers will love. Along the path, listen to their problems and offer genuine solutions. They know the product like no one else. They also know its pitfalls and have an inch-by-inch detail on how the product can fail – because they work day and night for it to happen.

Make special efforts to know their thoughts on product improvements. Make them a part of the new product development efforts. Seek their advice on how to fix problems. And appreciate them after they have done it. Make their work count, and communicate its contribution to the company’s progress. This is a skill that leaders need to possess.

 Individuals at the grass root level endeavor to do something meaningful. Hence they tend to take criticism in their stride and use it to the fullest to improvise. They are willing to easily let go of their fears, inhibitions, prejudices and notions to jump into their wok, if they find it worthy of their energy, time and money. Yes, compensation is important to them, but they place greater importance to their pride and contribution towards a cause that they believe in.

Unfortunately, till today, we pay attention only to those few who are extroverts – those who can be easily be heard or noticed. A littler more attention to the rest, will convert their full strength into meaningful action.