Banking Careers – India Analysis

Banking is one of the most sought after career choice. It is an entry into a well paid, secure and status career. Though it may appear that these jobs are meant for commerce/economics students but the fact is that majority of bank officers are from different streams of education.

The emergence of technology-driven new private banks have broadened the scope and range of banking services ranging from mutual funds , securitisation business credit cards, consumer loans, housing loans, housing loans besides trading in gold and forex activities.

The following analysis represents a picture of the availability of career openings  for 5 Indian Banks that include HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank & Kotak Bank.

Graph 1: Number of Positions open per Role

Analysis: Based on the data collected for Bank job openings, there were 45 positions open for Sales/Business Development Manager; Branch Manager and Credit Manager had 39 and 31 openings respectively.

Next in line was Relationship Manager with 29 openings while there were 14 open positions for the post of Wealth Manager. The number of positions other than the mentioned include 98 open positions.

Graph 2: Number of Vacancies per Bank

Analysis: Based on the data collected for Bank job openings, HDFC Bank emerged as the highest hiring bank with 163 number of open positions. Next in line was Axis Bank with 46 job openings.

For ICICI Bank and Yes  Bank, the number of job openings were 32 and 13 respectively while Kotak Bank had 2 openings only.

Graph 3: Bank Roles & Number of Vacancies

Analysis: The maximum openings for Sales Manager were in HDFC Bank with the number being 25. Axis Bank and ICICI Bank had 12 & 5 openings respectively for the position of Sales Manager while Yes Bank  had 3 positions open. Branch Manager openings were also maximum for HDFC with 15 positions. 12, 6, 3 and 2 were the number of openings for Axis, ICICI, Yes Bank and Kotak Bank respectively.

The openings for Credit Manager were relatively on the lower side with 3 openings in HDFC, and 1 opening each in Axis and ICICI Bank. There were 10 openings for the position of Relationship Manager in ICICI Bank and 9 in HDFC Bank.

There were 4 openings for the post of Relationship Manager in Axis Bank while 2 openings in Yes Bank. Maximum openings for the post of Wealth Manager were in Axis Bank – 7 openings. Next in line for Wealth Manager openings were HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank with 4 & 3 positions respectively.

[Please Note this data has been collected from limited sources & is the most current data representing the first 2 weeks of July 2012]