Create ‘Leave-behinds’ rather than just a 2 page CV

While seeking the right job, remember that a 2 page traditional CV will NOT suffice. Online and active social media presence, creating CVs in different formats as per the company’s requirements and having a portfolio of your work will work to your advantage.

Online media has become a way for potential recruiters and employers to scout for or verify talent. Thus, savvy job seekers have strengthened their job applications through developing strong LinkedIn profiles and an active presence on social media platforms.

However, one needs to realize that various other trends have started to emerge for job seekers who want to differentiate themselves further in a crowded job market. Two of these trends are

  1. Creation of different types of CVs for different audiences
  2. Developing “leave-behinds” for job interviews.

Creating different types of CVs can be explained with the help of an example. Suppose, one has done his MBA in Marketing and is applying to two places – one is an

Advertising agency and the other is a

Sales job.

In the first case, wherein he’s applying to an advertising agency, he needs to focus on highlighting his creative abilities, writing skills and out-of-the-box thinking abilities.

In the second case, however, wherein he’s applying for a sales job, the resume needs to highlight his abilities of marketing, convincing skills and knowledge about the product that he’s going to sell.

So, having different types of CVs doesn’t mean you need to rebuild a new CV. Instead, modify the CV according to the job and company requirements. You can make changes in the objective and the skill sets.

When it comes to leave-behinds, we are talking about creating an impression in the mind of the employer or recruiter about your work and your skills. So carrying a project that’s really impressive of a link to your portfolio of online work can work wonders to create the desired impression about you.

For instance, if you are a fashion designing student, then carrying your portfolio of different designs, sketches, and assignments will surely help in showcasing your talent and get you the much awaited job.

So, go ahead build that online presence, create different CVs and design your portfolio to make that right impression and get set to grab the right job! All the best!