What’s your weakness – a great but misconstrued interview question!

“Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses” - a commonly asked question in most interviews today. 

Well, this can be a tricky question, but the most important question is: What is the interviewer intending to really understand?

The question “Tell me about your weaknesses” aims to find out how well you have dealt with your weaknesses and faced challenging situations in the past. Stating that you have “NO WEAKNESSES” or you “DID NOT FACE ANY CHALLENGES” will reflect poorly about your past work experience. It will cast a doubt in the minds of your interviewers – “Will this candidate do well in times of a crises”. There would be no track record of you dealing with work issues.

So, reveal your weakness such that it displays your ability to overcome difficult situations.

Some sample answers to tell about your weakness in a constructive way can be:

  • Being organized wasn’t my strongest point, but implementing a time management system really helped my organization skills.
  • I like to be a perfectionist and make sure that my work is perfect, so I tend to possibly spend a little too much time working on it and checking it. However, I’ve learned to balance work and ensure everything is done perfectly the first time.

Also, don’t forget to cite examples. This will make it sound more practical and genuine and reflect your ability to handle situations. Stay calm and keep a positive frame of mind. Understand what the company is really looking for, and talk in a manner that proves best beneficial to the company. Trust me. you’ll be quite close to cracking the interview successfully!