Career Assessment – Is it for me?

When talking about career assessments, a question often pops up – is it for me? Well, what exactly are career assessments and who can take them and how it will benefit you in your individual as well as career growth, is what this blog aims to answer.

Well, not all career aptitude tests and personality tests are valid and reliable and most importantly of good quality.  There are numerous online quizzes on the internet that are little more than games.  Such quizzes can be fun and free but you will gain about as much insight from them as reading your free horoscope.

Quality tests are almost never free, and some of the more exhaustive ones can cost you hefty sums.  And while some career aptitude tests are self-directed, meaning you can take them and interpret them on your own; many require that you work with a qualified professional.

At V SOLVE, we provide you with the best career assessment test options which are backed by scientific research showing that they are reliable and valid — meaning that they actually predict what they are intended to predict.

While doing a career assessment, following are some of the parameters to take into consideration:

Values: What’s important to you? Values are those intangibles, things that are difficult to define and even trickier to measure. Values are our inner motivations, the things that drive us towards fulfilment and are different for everyone. For example, is it having more time with your family, progressing your career, continuously learning, or providing a better quality of life for your family? Take some time to reflect on the aspects of your career that have not been satisfactory in the past.

Interests: What aspects of your job do you enjoy doing? Reflecting on the achievements of the past year, what parts of your job gave you most satisfaction? Is there an opportunity to do more of the things you like in your current role?

Personality: What motivates you? Are your personal attitudes reflected in your work environment? Does the organization you are working for meet your career needs?

Skills: Consider your qualifications, experience, strengths and weaknesses. Do you need to learn some new skills to grow your career? Does your current role allow you to show your strengths? Does your salary reflect your skills?

So, if you wish to get a deeper insight into yourself as regards your strengths and weaknesses, you aptitude, personality and interest in order to make informed decisions about your career, then you should not think twice for going in for a career assessment.

Another important aspect worth considering is the fact that many B-Schools as well as Fortune 500 companies make use of career assessments while selecting candidates. So, if you go through these kind of assessments earlier, it will provide you an upper hand while applying for admission at the top B-schools or a job in a Fortune 500 company.

Working professionals and entrepreneurs face several issues with regards to their career. For instance, working professionals may be plagued with problems like

  • Dissatisfaction within one’s career
  • Difficulty in selecting the right promotion option
  • Difficulty in selecting the right career option
  • Not compensated well enough
  • Not enough growth opportunities
  • Find the job mundane

Entrepreneurs on the other hand may be facing issues like:

  • Not enough profit
  •  Not enough time
  •  Inability to find good employees
  •  Inability to develop capable managers
  •  Inadequate cash flow

Growth in your current role, finding a new position or a job, improving work life balance are some of the areas where career assessments will definitely help you make the right decisions.

So, if you are bogged down with your current job, the pressure is getting too difficult to handle, you need a change in your job profile, your company is not making enough profit, employee management is taking a toll on you; then don’t sit back and wonder what’s to be done. Instead, opt for a career assessment and be ready to take charge of your career.